National Chapters  


  • ACHAFR Rotarian Drivers of Classic Vehicles (CH/FL);


RRAF Netherlands – Contact: Cees Kuijpers

ARACE – Spain Contact: Ramiro Gago

ARACI – Italy Contact: Vincent Mazzone

RAR – France Contact: Yves Lozach

ROFD – Germany Contact: Hans-Peter Wagner

RRAF – GB & Ireland Contact: Peter Kleyn

Austria – Contact: Bruno Buxbaum

Belgium – Contact: Herman Deroost

Finland – Contact: Erik Stenstrom

Portugal – Contact: Eduardo Almeida Lopes

Australia – Contact: Rob Wooley, “We are forming a new Chapter are you interested, if so contact Rob”

New Zealand – Contact: Tim Edney

Uruguay – Contact: Angelica Mesistrano

USA, Canada & Mexico – Contact:

Japan – Contact: Masaki Shimizu

Rotarian Drivers of Classic Vehicles (CH/FL) – Contact: Manuel Dubs


News of National chapters