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Membership of National Chapters  is open to Rotarians, Past Rotarians, family members of (Past) Rotarians as well as program participants.

National Rotary Fellowships/ Clubs of  Classic Car owners are invited to become members of ACHAFR by accepting the ACHAFR Agreements and contacting the Secretary (

By joining ACHAFR, the respective National Chapter agrees to contribute to it € 10,- per member per annum up to an overall  maximum fee of € 500,- per annum for the chapter  (via

ACHAFR will direct individual members to the nearest national chapter. Only in those countries, where there is no national chapter (past) Rotarians can become (life-time) members at a contribution of € 50,- per year or  € 200,- for life-time membership.



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Board Members




Matthijs van den Adel


Michael Rye


Johannes Zilkens


Maarten Kaptein

Past President


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We are looking for active Rotarians with a passion for vintage and classic cars to form a new and exciting Switzerland Chapter within ACHAFR Fellowship.


If you are interested please contact:


Manuel Dubs

Euelstrasse 54

CH-8408 Winterthur


Tel. P       +41 (0)52 223 12 21

Tel. G      +41 (0)52 223 12 22

Fax P/G   +41 (0)52 223 12 24

Mobile    +41 (0)79 420 87 00




Michael Rye

Secretary ACHAFR


William Raymond Rotary Club is looking for enthusiastic Rotarians who own classic, vintage cars to form a ACHAFR Chapter. 

Please contact:


Jaffery Rindge District

7870 New Hampshire USA